What Ammunition Does Every Weapon Use?

I was working on a system for a battle royale game and I need to know the ammunition for all of the weapons in the game. Thank You!

light shards = zapper

med shards = wooden wand, pml, slingshot

heavy = quantum portal, evil eye

snowball = snowball launcher

lemme know if i missed anything


The only weapon that uses light shards is the zapper, heavy shards for wooden wand, slingshot, and P.M.L.Heavy shards for quantum portal and evil eye.


No, I don’t think so.
Think of it this way:

Light Shards = Weak

Medium = Medium

Heavy = Lots of Damage

Snowball = absolute best no cap 100%

That was an easy question, and some new weapons are being added so more ammo should be coming out.

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I agree with snowball <100% agreeeeeement>

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