Wha? Extra Characters

Soooo, I just logged onto gimkit and I opened my steamworks map but this showed up:

In the page it runs test and all the test are good soooooo what’s happening?

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Please make the title something different, make it reflect your question


Restart your computer, try again, all the usual stuff, switch internet on and off, etc,etc. See if that works.

0k shutting down computer

it didn’t work

did you check the details on the how to fix this?

well its happen to me, means that the internet is either bad, or its blocked (happens at home when i try and reconnect to gimkit after using hacking data to keep playing it, its not actually hacking gimkit or anything its just so it goes around my home blockers)

sorry I didn’t reply my computer went bonkers and yea it wouldn’t load but now it’s working

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