Weapons stay in slots after a new game

When enabling 5 weapon slots, and then when you fill all 5 weapon slots up, when you end the game and start a new one, when you spawn back in, the item in your fifth weapon slot will still be there.


you can use starting inventory?

This is without using starting inventory.

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idk, but this isn’t a bug

If you got a legendary snowball launcher in the last game as an endgame weapon, when you end the game and start a new game, when you spawn back in, you will still have the legendary snowball launcher.

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I don’t think you can.

and this isn’t a bug you should change it t help.

No, because this literally happens whenever I start a game.

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I did not put this in the game, but it still pops up anyway.

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oh. i’m sorry i thought you were trying to figure out how you do that :top: