Weapon Ratings(Don't yell at me!)

These are my findings on all weapons in Gimkit. (Specifically their Rare forms, or In the middle forms.)

In three seconds (Dmg to a non-moving target):

Evil Eye - 352 Dmg
Quantum Portal - 208 Dmg (basically one attack)
Slingshot - 216 Dmg
Zapper - 252 Dmg
P.M.L - 174 Dmg
Snowball Launcher - 480 Dmg
Wooden Wand - 138 Dmg

Weapon Damage tier: (Dmg per second to a non-moving target)
  1. Wooden Wand- 46 Dmg per second
  2. P.M.L- 58 Dmg per second
  3. Quantum Portal- 69 (nice) Dmg per second
  4. Slingshot- 72 Dmg per second
  5. Zapper- 84 Dmg per second
  6. Evil Eye- 117 Dmg per second
  7. Snowball Launcher- 160 Dmg per second (might be more but I’m slow)
  8. Quantum Portal- 208 Dmg per second (The first shot technically is one second, but with multiple shots it equals 69 or 70. It’s complicated to figure out)
And, Fire rate/Reload timer

Evil Eye - About half a second in between shots, 4 lasers, almost 5 second cooldown, Average bullet speed
Quantum Portal - Very slow, only 1 shot, 2 second cooldown, Very slow bullets
Slingshot - about 1 second per shot, 7 shots, 3.5 second cooldown, Fast bullets
Zapper - No firing cooldown, 16 shots, about a 1.75 second cooldown, Fast bullets
P.M.L - About 1 second in between each muffin, 12 shots, 3.5 second reload, Average bullet speed
Snowball Launcher - No firing cooldown, 16 shots, 1.75 second reload, Very fast bullets
Wooden Wand - About .75 of a second in between shots, 24 shots, 3 second cooldown, Fast bullet speed

The Tier List
  1. Quantum Portal - This one sentence summarizes the Quantum Portal: If it doesn’t hit something, it is worthless as a weapon. The Quantum Portal couldn’t hit the broadside of a barn if it had legs. If the target can move, good luck hitting the target without at least 10 other people using this. While large quantities of this make it a menace, we are talking about only one person using this, which hurts the weapon. I would never use this weapon while fighting another player if I had another option. Your DPS is 0 if you can’t hit said target. A solid 7th place. The worst.
  2. P.M.L - I didn’t want to put this here, but it had to be done. The P.M.L is the 6th best (or 2nd worst) weapon in Gimkit. It has one of the worst dps in the game, only 12 better than the Wooden Wand, and the firerate just adds insult to injury. It suffers from the same thing as the Quantum Portal too: hitting the target. The muffins this thing shoots just aren’t fast enough to keep up with the player’s speed. Overall, a bad performance.
  3. Wooden Wand - The Wooden Wand lacks the problem the previous two have, hitting the target, but instead suffers from something else, that being lack of damage. While you can indeed hit your target easily, making this weapon a good choice, hitting someone does almost no damage, causing you to basically have to chip away at something’s health. It doesn’t do enough damage to go anywhere higher than 5th place.
  4. Slingshot - This weapon is what the P.M.L wishes it could be. The Slingshot is similar to the P.M.L, apart from these two things: Damage per hit, and Bullet speed. The bullet speed is much faster on the Slingshot, allowing you to hit the enemy, and the Slingshot’s high Damage per hit means that you do a solid amount of damage every time you do so. Overall, an average weapon: not so broken that it needs to be nerfed 10 times, but not unusable.
  5. Evil Eye - The Evil Eye is a very good weapon that has a high DPS but lacks a good reload timer. You fire it until you run out of ammo, and then switch to something else to attack with. When you’re not fighting, it’s best to reload this thing, but in the heat of the battle, you aren’t going to wait 5 whole seconds for a reload. That 5 seconds could be the difference between you winning and losing the fight. Overall good DPS, but having the longest reload timer of all the weapons hinders this “Eye” greatly.
  6. Zapper- This is a very hot take and I am definitely expecting some arguments, but I strongly believe that the Zapper is the second-best weapon. This has a completely average DPS for all weapons and has a very fast fire-rate and reload. Now before anyone starts yelling at me over how the Evil Eye has way better DPS than this ugly piece of junk, let me shift your attention over to this: DPS is tested on a non-moving target. That is why the Quantum Portal can do 208 damage in a SINGLE SECOND. (It should do close to 0 in a real situation) It is a single shot that hits. In my tests, I’m assuming that I sneak up on an unsuspecting player and unleashing everything I’ve got in 3 seconds. The Evil Eye has a firing cooldown that the Zapper just doesn’t have, which allows you to create a possibly undodgeable wall of lasers with the Zapper, which is why I put it lower than the Zapper. Add on a 5 second reload, and the Evil Eye does a whole lot more waiting than shooting. The Zapper has less DPS but hits the target more often, allowing you to in most cases tie or even beat the Evil Eye in damage.
  7. Almost Identical to the Zapper, the Snowball Launcher is the most superior gun in Gimkit. The Snowball Launcher is basically a Zapper on steroids. It takes a Zapper’s stats and amazing capabilities and then doubles the damage, which is why the Snowball Launcher does almost 2 times as much DPS, as well as making the Lasers travel faster and increases their size. Add on the fact that there is no firing cooldown and the insanely fast reload, and you have an amazing weapon, having a DPS over 43 more than the Evil Eye, which is the 2nd or third best in DPS(Depending on Quantum Portal) in the game, making this (currently) the best weapon in Gimkit.

Might want to credit this guide:

Or the Gimkit wiki which has all the stats.
Also, why do the numbers in the tier list go from 7-13?


this is a good rating, but it would be more helpful if you added 1-7 instead of random numbers

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That’s not a good assumption to make.


True. Maybe make the test subject move

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Because most often the player will dodge. Also, some weapons are limited to a certain time between shots.


The fire rate was accounted for in the guide. Its just the target moving that is VERY inconsistent in the guide. The time keeper says that the quantum portal is the worst because the target dodges. But he also says that the zapper is the best because you can quickly drain your magazine on a still target.

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Oooo this is interesting…


My favorite is the P.M.L. I just love the idea and design! it may be terrible i just think it’s cool.


already exists many times, barely related to gimkit creative, u gonna get flagged


Sorry, I copied and pasted it from a google doc, and it got bugged. It’s supposed to go from 7-1.


Can’t your mouse click speed differ the results?
It might be different to some people.

i remember the snowbrawl tourney on the wixsite with rekt lol

spray and pray -rektrainbow, 2023, members chat


I complety agree with this teir list. i just wish you could put weapon stats on diffrent weapons.


this seems good I don’t know why we would yell at you for this :+1:

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add the blaster my fav weapons are the snowball launcher and blaster.

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Yeah, where is the blaster???

This was made before the blaster was introduced

Oh ok. I gotcha there.

I agree, @Untitled_Builder! The idea for the P.M.L. Is cute, and plus, blueberry muffins are my favorite food, so I like it even though it is trash in a fight.