Weapon Glitching

So in my Don’t Press the Button game, whenever an event that uses a weapon occurs(For example. “EVERYONE GETS A SNOWBALL LAUNCHER FOR 15 SECONDS!”), I lose connection. Is this happening to anyone else?

  1. check your internet
  2. [insert whatever they say]
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This is probably just you, how much memory do you have?
A simple system shouldn’t be enough to crash the game unless you use a tick suppressor.

Did you end up reconnecting back?
If not, refresh.
If not, internet problem. It’s really to general too cause an issue and there are way more specific ways to do things to crash the game.

I only have 26 memory used.
I did not end up reconnecting back.
No matter how many times I refreshed, whenever an event that included a weapon in it occurred, it would disconnect.
But why would it happen only on events with weapons in them?

idk, maybe check your real storage? as in:
also this is my actual storage usage

or maybe check your gpu. have you checked your internet stablity? did you close out the tab? did you turn off your computer?

How exactly is it disconnecting?

My internet has 5 bars…

It like just randomly disconnects. I realize that it disconnected when I can’t shoot my weapon.

I suggest refreshing or logging out and back in. I don’t really know what to say.

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I refreshed like a billion times…

Are you hosting or testing the game?


Try restarting, resetting, and shutting down your computer. If that doesn’t work, disconnect your internet and try reconnecting.


@BreathTaking This might be a internet problem. Some people have posted the same thing about the disconnection, but the solution is their internet.

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