Ways To Spice Up Your Gimkit Creative World [Difficulty: ⬜ 0/10]

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Welcome to my 1st WIKI ever!
I’ve never made one of these so I have NO idea on how to start this off but basically in this wiki I will be giving y’all ideas on how to fill up your empty spaces in your GKC world. (I recommend using top-down for these but whatever.)

Space Ship


Witch Experiments/Jail


Farm Plot


Abandon Area


Little Farm Area


Little Shop


Random Houses

Decorating inside is optional! Up to you :grin: Ruins

Credits to @Rusty Lush hole with waterfall

(this had to go into 2 shots it was big, so more like 3/10)
made by @CoolGimkitPlayer


what is this for or why was this made? I know it was for gimkitlover1 but what and why?

idk, they asked for a wiki so i made one. Not much context to it.

I am in school rn and I cannot add stuff right away I will add the post later.
I am so sorry for the inconvience!!

Thank you for making it

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I look forward to seeing the guide


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supporting the shipping wiki and those who made it.


I can’t wait for this to be finished! Once people start editing, this will be amazing. And then someone might flag it. Then I will rage. Don’t flag it people. Just a message to those people who wait for something to flag.

@Dragonite Please remove your vote and you do not have permission to edit so please do not vote on the poll not edit.

Thank you :grin:

Hey, @GimkitLover1 what do you want the title to be?

Ways To Spice Up Your Gimkit Creative World [Difficulty: :white_large_square: 0/10]

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sorry, I snooped… uh, what was the shipping wiki…

Something that is finally over because of the peeps on thingy.
thanks yall

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People don’t flag posts for no reason, they flag if it’s off-topic.
Also, weren’t you the guy who got banned for griefing a wiki?

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@Cellofive Thank you!!

Uuuum, I thought only members and above could edit wikis, why is a new user with literally no badges able to edit? (or did they just click the "I’m editing button for fun?)

It’s only tl1s and above (basics)

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Yeah, uum, I checked and they didn’t even change anything. And if they are in the process of changing something they have been doing it for the past 3 hours ;-;

i accidentally clicked the gese by accident.

@WolfTechnology you gotta add are you editing yes or no poll

edit: nvm I forgot I could undo vote

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um ok? idk what is really happening with all of these group things.

@WolfTechnology hope you don’t mine, I put in my lush hole with waterfall (don’t mind the teleporter)