Waypoints can be annoying at times

You could ask someone who knows the capture the flag mechanic and if he or she knows how to do it without flag

You should remove this, and search through guides before you create a help topic, because it clutters the forum.

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this is a private conversation right?

The stupid Forums lied to me It said I talked to someone a lot and supposedly gave me a private chat

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this aint a topic thing @Theaxolotl I need to delete this

Just delete your first post and it disappears. In this forum, you can’t create PMs, sorry.

Mark a solution to remove clutter @Gimkitsuggestor.

funny how I knew that but fell into this trap

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Like @Theaxolotl said, please mark a solution

The auto bot responds the same for all forums even if things are blocked, for example, when you become a certain TL, the bonus is that you can create PMs (says in the fine print) but you can’t because they would allow it here.

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