Waypoint issues with tag map

I want to make it so on my tag map, all of the runners, or team 1, will have a waypont pointing at all players on team 2, or the taggers. Is there any way to do this?

Could you explain further what you want? I don’t understand.

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My tag map has 2 teams, team 1 is the hiders/runners, and team 2 is the taggers. I want all people on the hiding/running team to always have a waypoint pointing to every player on the tagger team.
btw it’s infection

Oh…waypoints to multiple players is…tricky…

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well I still want to try.

Btw your idea worked with the other help post so thanks

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A relay set to all players on team 2 connected to a waypoint should work but I’ve had trouble with player waypoints in the past so It may not work.

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i’ll try

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Like This?
Screenshot 2023-12-12 12.21.40 PM

Screenshot 2023-12-12 12.22.51 PM

Because right now it doesn’t work

I think you should make it global maybe?

I’ll try that…
Nope the waypoint doesn’t even appear

I’ll do some testing but like I said waypoints are weird.

I think I know the problem, you have to have a channel coming from the relay and go to “start following player when receiving on” for the waypoint. You can leave the waypoint active on game start.

it still doesn’t work…


  • LifeCycle


  • Repeater


This almost worked, but there are some bugs. First, you can see the waypoint as a seeker if there is 3 people in map and 2 get tagged, one can see the waypoint to the other seeker. Second, It can only track 1 seeker at a time, but I assume that this is impossible to fix

Is this map posted on Gimkit Discovy? If so whats the name?

I don’t think you can solve the second but for the first, you can just deactivate the waypoint for the team 2 with another relay to deactivate the waypoint for team 2(make sure the scope is set to either player or team).

no it is not even close to done