Way Point Broken

I used every trick in the book but could not get the waypoint to track the location of a player. Does anyone know how to do this?

Can you define ‘every trick in the book’? What exactly are you having trouble with.

I have gone to the lengths of putting the player I want to be tracked onto another team and running a trigger for that team every half second with a repeater on the channel that starts the waypoint following a player. I don’t understand how that didn’t work. I even simplified it to the point of transmitting the channel with a button.

Okay, how do you know the player you want to track? Is it a specific team or spawn point?

I’m sorry for the questions, I’m just trying to work backward to debug.

Oh, and make sure you’re not just activating the waypoint but also tracking the player. The waypoint prefers a specific input to track a player so that it can know the triggering player. Not only should this be filled in
but also this one

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Try making your alt run over a trigger.

Have you checked the trigger’s setting and the channels?

A few things to know about waypoints: Unless you are an expert, do not use them in conjunction with relays. They can only track one player. The player who activates the waypoint, unless you’re using a relay setup, will usually be the one to have the waypoint on them. You can’t see a waypoint on yourself. Hope these few tips help!

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Read this!!!

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It is THE guide on Waypoints, with some stylistic stuff thrown in.

I seriously LOVE the artwork. Truly AMAZING!!! I cannot draw at all.

Don’t thank me, thank the dragon. I just used her art from her foundation.

It’s the player with the most of the cash item. I’m using a counter changing a property to track how much each player has. I did both and even tried it with active on game start- yes. @getrithekd For some reason the trigger did work but for this system, I need to make the waypoint activate automatically when a player has the most cash. Thanks for the guide.

Does each player have a different property or is it a player scoped property?

Player scoped.


That happens with me sometimes then thats when I start to call the mods. lol