Way for multiple channels to activate something? [RESOLVED]

I want a popup to appear when 1 of 2 channels get sent. For example, if either channel were to be fired then the popup would appear. Is this possible or would I need to add 2 different popups for the different channels?

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Just wire the things that are sending the channels into the thing that is receiving the channel so that when the that thing does something, it updates the thing that is receiving said update.

I guess that works. What if I need multiple things to fire at once though? There’s a limit to wires.

you can always use wire repeaters. Just run groups of wires into the wire repeaters and then wire the repeaters into the object

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That makes sense. Okay thanks!

You can also use triggers! Sorry for the over 2 month late response, but hey, it’s never too late!

Make a chain of repeaters, one triggering another, and the last one triggers the popup. Make each trigger receive on a channel. Boom!

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They really should add channel repeaters.

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Yeah, but we have triggers, which are basically channel repeaters.

but they take 100 memory. a channel repeater could take 5

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That’s actually a pretty good idea, though.



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