Was the barnhouse prop never there or did I just never found it

I just realized i can’t find the barnhouse prop used in Farmchain in creative…

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It’s just not there. It was never added.

The farmhouse prop was never on the menu (I think). the reason (I think) is because of the size of it

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it was never added for some reason

it doesn’t exist, its GIANT

Mandela affect.


the barn prop isn’t real take your medication


imagine you go back to farmchain and the barn is just missing XD

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I have seen those circus tents and they are huge and can be made bigger than a barn

circus tents? that’s interesting.

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so true… i thought it was there all the time just i didn’t notice

but the tent exists, and its pretty big… Right? is the barn bigger?

Probably… We Don’t Know The Legit Size Of it because it was never in the editor

If the barn is able to increase size to the same ratio as the circus tent, it would be extensively bigger….

From what I have gathered, the barn is one of the few props, that was made and put in separate from everything else (assuming the creative engine was used to build every official 2D mode for the base mechanics, then use something like unity to make it look nicer and run smoothly)

OP is an old man /j