Warioware in Gimkit: Ideas for Microgames and Title

you could also use an invisible unicode symbol :nerd_face:

short 5-20 second games

I suggest it may be a bit more complex…
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Warioware, you say?

  • Finding a Button
    Find a button in a very complex map
  • Crossy Road Type Game
    Cars coming from left to right and you have to get to the end quickly.
  • Dodging Bullets
    Dodging Shots from Sentries
  • Break some Targets
    You have a zapper and you need to zap some things in a matter of a couple of seconds.

I’m a big WarioWare nerd. These ideas aren’t that good, but could be used.

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barrier goalie
you have a goal and a decently small ball, then there is a small map, but barriers randomly show up blocking the ball.

fishing battle
you fish 5 times, each is random, but you have to have better catches than everyone else.

Also, I made a guide on the glass bridge from Squid games, which could be a micro game…


Mild concern:
It is RNG, so guessing is crucial to winning, a 50/50 every time.

I remember the minigame where there were things stuck in Wario’s stomach and you had to pluck them out. I know this is a guide and you’re asking for ideas, but I just wanted to put this out there.
Step 1:

Make a zone next to all the things lodged into Wario’s stomach and make them transmit a signal. Add a counter and make the target the number of zones you placed. Here it’s 3. Make wires from every zone to every blackboard leg like this.

Make the target transmit on a channel. That’s it! (You can probably cheese it right now :frowning: but it’s a start)


Oooh, maybe a microgame where you have to time a button press right to pass.

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That’s actually a great idea for a WarioWare game :exploding_head:.

Yay time to start production
But I still need a name.
Name as of now: Warioware in Gimkit

Are you on any other platform than the forums? I could do a collab with you. Maybe on the wix or something? (I don’t have discord)

(wix here:

We could also add a timer for a fa-iled and completed minigame (like in WarioWare)

Maybe you could have a glass bridge? Those are simple but infuriating.

I heard you once.


A solid 2 letter answer.

A solid 2 letter answer

A small maze that you have to navigate quickly. (Could use teleporters if you want)

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It would have to be REALLY small to be suitable for a 5-20 second timer.

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