War Forge (CLOSED)

This one is now closed sorry for confusion. Check the down vote now :smiley:
The winner will be decided for tommorow.

Tell me if I missed you.

Sorry If you can’t see the pictures, you can check them back from here: (LAST CHANCE) Thumbnail for War Forge - Help - Gimkit Creative

I’m actually winning O_O

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Why did you make this? You could have just put the poll in the other topic, also, how do we know who to vote for if we can’t see the thumbnails?


You can just go back to the one. Since that one is closing soon.

6 voters maybe @THEHACKER120 will win who knows?

i would recommend actually adding the thumbnails (as @GimSolver stated) so that people can easily see them. i doubt that people would go back and find each thumbnail themselves, which wouldn’t make it a fair vote.
(that topic has almost 150 replies, mind you.)

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also how am i losing if i’m the only one who did not leave out vital stuff…game called war FORGE…im only one who had a gim making a weapon in a mini-forge.

but myn was too crowded and cluttered…the hacker is going to win fair and square.

Gim guys
The hackers
I like props rough draft
could not find kataronis anywhere in post.


you missed i like props…theres is not completely done as they asked for more time, but newest version shown in last post is in my post with images… @WhiteGod can you add the images i put in my last post under the poll or above it?

I believe this is your post?

thats what i put in my above post along with everyone elses.

im starting to catch up…but youre ahead enough you prob gonna win.

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@WhiteGod maybe have where top 2 or 3 thumbnails get rotated every once and a while?
Coffee said they were doing this, and that might be a attention grabber.
To add diversity.

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i voted for @Legobuilder

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@THEHACKER120 …its changed…its tied…its gonna be close…speedy’s coming close behind

OH its tied now!
3 way tie!

@speedy_kd4! @speedy_kd4! Go!
I really like speedy’s. Poor Kat_aronii, no one voted her because no one saw it.


i probs can ask her to post it again on the wix if she´s on rn