Want volunteers to help me with map (infiltrate)

need help with my game in gimkit pls…

Any specific questions?

well i want sum help with my map since its so big and wondering if some ppl can help me

I can help if you want it to look good but if you need help with tech or something like that i’m useless


Go onto the wix or discord for that

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my discord dont work rn

Then go to the wix.

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Heres the link to the wix: https://gimkitcreative.wixsite.com/game-sharing

i sadly dont know what that is

well i can’t use wix and i love to help ill give a padlet where you can give me the link


i see ill try to get myself in this wix thing hold a sec

Maybe do the Padlet.

heres a padlet

What does infiltrate mean? ( I think I heard the word from somewhere. :thinking: )

it means like breaking in

plus what do i do with wix?

Do you need help with design of with tech?

i can help with design but tech will be very diffcult i can barely make a functioning door (ill be afk for about 40 mins so if you send a link in padlet ill be late)

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the group chat on the gimkit website is blocked for me