Walk to school in OHIO chat discussion

So, I need some more ideas for the currency of cash. This is continuing from:
How would I make “Walk to school in OHIO”
Basically, what would the bonus cash be used for.
Also, what should I use for the music?

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You can j0in this forum it has a chat feature, and If thats doesn’t work, yes I will.


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That doesn’t help because I needed a wiki reply to the topic How would I make “Walk to school in OHIO” Basically something where I can get unlimited edit time, because I am basic on my alt account

Um ok then use this one.

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Can you put one like that on this link? How would I make “Walk to school in OHIO”

Wolf, you’ve already advertised the padlet and now this? The wix is enough. To answer your question @ABCDalt you can’t add custom music, but for fast-paced sci-fi use hip-hop. I have no idea what this game is so what I say may not help you.


@raeB @WolfTechnology chill Let the topic close

No, I’m fed up with this place. How am I supposed to help teach others about GKC when half of the people here want to chat, get topics banned left and right AND FOR PEET’S SAKE DON’T KNOW WHAT CHANNELS ARE?

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Again Cahill please let the topic close and let your anger out some other place.

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Like @raeB, chill out. I wasn’t rude and I won’t argue, but I wasn’t chatting, it was to help him because he couldn’t post a comment.

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I never said that you were rude. I’m frustrated with the quality of the forum that’s all.


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