Wait what? This is weird

This is bigger than original Evil Eye and I dont have it equipped

And when I shoot it shoots slingshot ammo

probably just a graphics issue, no big deal

this is a (i think) well known bug, you might’ve just dropped or had the the evil eye removed and the slingshot sprite didn’t load, also happens with the zapper but the sprite gets bigger according to the weapon

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get out of gimkit and go back in and you should be fine

Hmm looks like maybe gimkit broke reload and try again

I know Its just funny to look at so I posted it on bugs since Its allowed

It happened because I think the code didnt understand why There was 2 of me in game which My test was holding evil eye so it glitched me

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Naw I do test runs all the time…player 1-10 nothing happens

well its an uncommon thing

and on the other screen its an slingshot
Screenshot 2023-11-30 5.32.35 PM

player rendering glitch? idk, i know a lot about computers but… not an expert

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