Voting System and Among Us Task Help

So its been about 2 and a half weeks since I have been on the forum, but I am now back. I never left I was just on break so for those who think I left, I didn’t, and I physically can’t. But I did get season Ticket and I don’t need to pay to publish my maps so I am going to publish the old among us map I made. One issue, well actually three, but yeah. 1- I have to remake the map on my account because its on a friends so it will be a bit. 2- I struggle to understand every single voting system guide on the forum and just can’t seem to find one that gives you straight, direct orders/directions, so I need help understanding them. And 3- What task are not on the forum guides that are in among us games? I would prefurre my map to be as accurate as possible. So If you can help me, I would appreciate it.

ok maybe you could try guides for voting system

I did, But I don’t understand them well.

voting sytem:
make a popup go to blocks set text:trigger players name on 1st call to action
make a popup wire 1st to 2nd secondary call to action clicked-open popup and keep on adding the players name to how many you think they are

I would recommend my voting guide but I forgot a couple of parts and can’t edit anymore. If you want I could try to come on your world and help you(I’m aware we can’t post codes here but I’m on discord)

I can’t access discord right now but can you get on the padlet or WIX? ps- I havent started on this map yet, I just got the ticket and nothing has been made,

And that will work for up to 15 players and will kill teh player with the most votes everytime? I really have no clue with this stuff.

Yeah the padlet will work.

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Ok i’m on it. I’ll post the code under Main Chat.

Is medbay possible?
same I was on break

for task make props and a button make the interact turn into finish task then make inventory starter and make it ticket and use it as a card then wire a button to vending pressed-purchased and make the vending a ticket to transmit then then vending button and the prop as purchased hideprop and deactivate and get a notification and make the notification “complete the task” and put the channel on recieve to the vending machine’s channel


It is, you just use notifacations at a random when player walks in a zone above the medbay scaner.

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K, i’ll try that.

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For some reason it says I don’t have access to the padlet, it’s the one you created right?
If not can you send me the link.

Yeah one second…

You should have access now.

Thanks, I’m in. Where do you wan’t me to build it?

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