Vote to decide the fate of my map, prison break!

Hey guys! This is my second vote I’m holding, and it’s about my map, prison break. Should I keep it, delete it, or make a major update for it?
Please vote!

  • Keep prison break
  • Delete prison break
  • Make a major update to prison break
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Btw, this vote will last until wednesday, so vote while you can!

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I think it is better to make it better, not keep it the same.

How long did it take you to make the game?

it took about an hour, so I definitely need to work more on it, depending on the vote.

Btw 2 days left to vote. Vote while you can. I’m trying to get to 30 votes for this poll.

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If this poll reach’s over 50, I’ll close the poll. Let’s try to get to that. VOTE NOW

I’ve decided to close this pole early. Thank you for participating in this poll!

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