Vote now plsss trust it is soo good!

WHO WILL WIN???!?!? :slight_smile:
  • AwesomeGimMaker
  • Void Fluffy
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the options...



[details=“the options…”]

Wait? isn’t this already on a post?

Wait. Yes. Just realized that.

Only one person voted so he reposted- this one only one person voted too so far :confused:

NVM now four peeps

No, there is three on this one and 3 on the other.

awesomegimmaker are you really going to vote for yourself… ?

Now 4

Yes, that’s kinda unfair.

I have to vote to see the results :frowning: I’ll switch between mine and hers/his

Wait I just saw his background card is the thumbnail!
(This is not bad I just thought it was funny.)

oh yeah the montage I made of all my thumbnails was ‘too big’ so I just chose one lol

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Ok forgot bout’ that.

:+1: Got to go make cardboard power armor, so I wont be on.

What is this, “cardboard power armor”? :thinking: