Vote for what you want first

Do you want me to finish my v1.3 update for “Dungeon Warriors: The Lost Realms”, or do you want me to finish making my bounty hunter guide? Let me clarify that the bounty hunter guide will not be used in my v1.3 update, I just want to finish it for the sake of others, as well as my sanity. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s talk about what comes with these two unfinished projects.
The v1.3 update includes a save file for the players, fixed a bunch of stuff, and new sentry appearances.
The bounty hunter guide is as it says. You collect a bounty and hunt them down for a reward. I have pushed finishing this for a while, but I figured I can try to finish it, depending on what you want first.
Now, for the voting part. Take your pick!

What do you want first?
  • v1.3 update to Dungeon Warriors: The Lost Realms
  • Bounty hunter guide
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@ 2:05 NA central today, I am closing the voting poll and marking solution.

I don’t know what the first one is so I voted for the second one.

they’re both for the game, they’re asking if they add new stuff or add one giant system that’s been in the works for a while

Actually, the bounty hunter guide will not be in my game, but it would be helpful for other plays to look back to when they need a bounty hunter system. I actually created it a long time ago, but never finished it.

I am closing the voting poll and marking solution.

Looks like I’m finishing the bounty hunter guide!

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