Vote for the Next Game I'm Planning to Make in Gimkit Creative about Buttons!

Which would you vote???

  • The World of Buttons
  • Fight Back Buttons
  • Do Quests with Buttons
  • Buttons who Attack
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Thanks! The one with the most votes is the one I’ll make!!

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Okay, so far we have Buttons who Attacks!

I think buttons that fight back would be a interest game

I broke da tie :blush:

That’s great! @Claire_B , also might want to check the thing. I am sooo off topic. But thanks for voting!!

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Also, this voting thing will close in about 3 hours. Thanks!

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Is this a rpg because i don’t know what it mean by buttons who attacks

How about a button that attacks by spawning godzilla?
jk but i voted for buttons who attack and now i doubt it will lose as it is up to almost half the closest choice

11 total voters! I’ll leave it open for one more day, probably until Wednesday, since most people aren’t on during the Weekends.

What the game genre?