Very annoying bug

I was just testing my map when I came across this issue. I just built a mini tennis game and when ever I get near the item spawner, I emedialty glitch out and lose connection. Please help.
(I will be not active because school, respond when I get home)

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Maybe its a memory issue? How much memory does your map have?

Wow, that’s really weird…

Does this happen consistently? Or did it just happen once?

Um—I don’t think he will be able to respond just yet…

I know- just writing a few questions.
I have no power to fix bugs, so when someone posts an interesting bug I leave a few questions so it’s easier for the devs to get the info about the bug they need to fix it, or sometimes, to prove it isn’t a bug.


Wow! That’s good! That’s good for the forums!

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When you said very annoying bug, I thought you meant yourself (not trying to be rude, it’s a joke)
Maybe it’s internet connection at school?

School Internet Connections are often heavily censored and firewalled. Consider installing a VPN to get it to bypass their systems and get it to work properly. Also, try restarting your computer.

That’ll get them in trouble, but good suggestion.

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I would only recommend doing this on your own device on the school wifi, not a school-owned device. You will not get in trouble for having a VPN on your computer. You will get in trouble for having a VPN on a school managed device.

Yeah. I know.

It happens every time I play test, and i’m not connected to a school wifi

weird. can i see some screenshots of it before getting too close?

breathtaking is the only one that will understand this

@BreathTaking it’s not polaris anymore, it’s thingy now. i cant send via gkcofftopic anymore tho

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Lol I get it. I am connected to my home wifi.

I just started making it.

This is a strange glitch.

One of my friends had this thing, where he picked up something from an item spawner, and his computer just lagged out.

Maybe it’s just a glitch within the actual gimkit game itself, and nothing with yourself. Hopefully it’s patched, because I think its just a game bug.

Yeah, but I cant pick it up in the first place. When I hit enter to get the item, it loses connection

I understood it perfectly fine.

Yeah, same thing with my friend. Happened with him too.

But like I said, probably a bug with Gimkit itself, and nothing your doing.

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