Vending Machine Build Hack

Okay, so I made a tutorial of how to make a working vending machine, and here is the tutorial. Working Vending Machine “Difficulty :yellow_square: or 4/10 - Community Made Guides - Gimkit Creative
Ok! So here is how to build a vending machine! Please edit at the layers for this tutorial too work, and make sure to set the right length while making this build hack.

Step 1. Get Barriers

For the shelves inside the vending machine, just remove the borders in the settings

And for all of the barriers, for your vending machine to look really clean, and proper. Put 1.80 for the transparency

You can see these types of settings by clicking the “Appearance” button at the top of your screen.
Take all of your barriers and put the glass like this:

And then add the shelves

And then add these barriers like this:

And then lastly, add these barriers! The other one is where you can get your item in the slot! And the other barrier for inserting the coin!
And put it all like this!

Step 2. Item Images and Texts
Well you can use texts for the items in the vending machine, and you can use this " :cup_with_straw: "
But item images are a more realistic way! First get an item image (obviously ;-:wink: and set to any images you like. I recommended using Energy Bars and Shield Cans because they fit perfectly for a vending machine, so here!
To fix it, you’ll change the tilt, so it would look like they are sitting on a shelf.
Next, you can add alot of item images as many as you want, but that will just clutter up your whole vending machine, you don’t want this… right?

So yes, place the item images like this, in a very clean, proper and tidy place!

Step 3. (Final) :sparkles:Decoration​:sparkles:
Use texts and get a cube emoji with any color you like, and then copy and paste it on a text. I recommended putting 6 of these for the vending machine buttons! You can use this emoji! :blue_square:
Make sure to make them small enough like this:
And then copy all of them, put it in this order right here:
And then place it all right here in this slot!

And lastly, you’ll need 2 metal poles, and then change the tint of the smallest one, black. Obviously, you’ll need to change their size to fit in! :3
And then, put those metal poles in your vending machine like this:

But there is a problem. How will I buy something from this vending machine? Go to this tutorial that I made :3 Working Vending Machine “Difficulty :yellow_square: or 4/10 - Community Made Guides - Gimkit Creative
Thank you for clicking on this, and I hope that this helps! Thank you :3


Nice guide!


i suggest making the vending machine a dark gray so you can see the outlines

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Thank you for the suggestion :3 Also I set it to have no borders so it doesnt have it :3


Great guide! LOTS of pictures!

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why not? i think it would look fabulous with the borders

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Yep! It would look great :3 But it shows white borders

Thank you :slight_smile: I use a lot of pictures, so people don’t get confused


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yea i hate it when that happens. i really don’t know why that is a feature. just keep adjusting it until you get that black border

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Yep, thank you very much!

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