Vehicle Project times

continuation of my previous topic, these times will be longer than you’d expect. you see, i have a lotta schoolwork to make up and doing these projects may take forever. I like to see ur patience. if extend the project date further, don’t get ticked off, i doing even more schoolwork.

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So, do you need help with anything?

Why is this in art-request? Do you need help making Vehicles?

not really. so, basically cuz i got Out of School Suspension for a couple o’ days, i couldn’t do my projects. now i have mounting projects that may take well over a month to complete.

Ngl We really didn’t need to know that but you should refrain from making off-topic posts like these in the future.

gotcha. i just did this post to not cause any confusion if my projects take a few months.

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Its fine, Just make sure to close this topic.

ok i will rn. that comment above the other 1 i will mark as solution.

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