Uses for the True/False Property?

What’s the point of the True/False property, and how do you incorperate it into ur game? Just wondering

Properties are used pratically and basically only in block code, so the true and false statment just says if that property is true or not. For exmaple, let’s say you want to check if a barrier is unblocked. You can have a property check this, and update the property using block code. Trigger mainly. Of course you can always use 0 and 1 as false and true.

The True/False Property is a Highly versatile property that you can use to set if something is true or not. You could use it to track if someone entered this zone before or if an airdrop has been collected. Hope this helped :saluting_face:

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Oh! Thanks, guys! I’ll use it in my XP Royale game

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