Upgraded Capture The Flag Help

I want to re-make Gimkit’s Capture The Flag (CTF), but majorly updated. I want to have everything Gimkit’s CTF doesn’t. But I Need Ideas. A Few I Have Are:
A Jail Where You Go When You Get Tagged,
Energy/Money Generators You Can Buy,
Slowness/Alerting Trap Once Entering Base (Bedwars Mining Fatigue Trap Kinda),
Quests from sentries with the new Vortex And Echo Skins (For energy/money)
A Free For All Zone In The Middle (Where If You Get Tagged, Both The Tagger And The Tagged Get Sent To Jail),
And Weapons, For The Free For All Zone,
A Way To Rescue People From The Jails,
And The Game Ends When One Team Captures 5 Flags.

Did you look for guides on capture the flag?

no ._. i want original ideas

Jail: when a team 1 player is tagged, don’t respawn them. Switch their team to like team 3. Put the team 3 spawn pad in jail. Set their speed to zero and make it so when a team 1 player tags them, they are switched back to team 1 and the team 1 player is respawned at home.

how would I know who was on team 1 or team 2?
Also switching a players team respawns them ._.

I know it respawns them, that’s how they go to jail.

And you can use a wire repeater set to team 1 or 2 or whatever to filter out signals that don’t matter, so if a team 2 player tags a team 1 person in jail, it does nothing.

Gotta be careful with this: you’ll need a separate tag zone for the jail and they have a limit.

anyways, why don’t I just make 2 jails.
one jail is all team 3, and the other jail is all team 4 or something

that’s what I meant

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