Upgrade Pricing Suggestions?

I am once again in need of help with “Bounty Hunters”. So last time I posted, I asked for help on my custom shop system. Now with that working, I’ve started working on the rarity upgrading system. But I’m a little stumped. I’m not sure what good, balanced prices would be for upgrading items from one tier to the next.

Let me explain how you will get cash in the game:

  • Answering questions gives you ammo for your weapon. Use these to take out other players.
  • Killing most players gives you $1 (may change if needed).
  • However, one player will be the “bounty”. The bounty will be able to move faster than other players, but other players will have a tracker pointing towards the bounty.
  • The bounty makes $1 for every second they are alive as the bounty.
  • Killing the bounty gives you $15 (also might change).

For reference, here are the current costs of the weapons (subject to change):

  • Zapper = free (starting weapon)
  • Wooden Wand = $5
  • P.M.L = $10
  • Slingshot = $20
  • Evil Eye = $35

So, what would be fair prices for the following upgrades?

  • Common → Uncommon
  • Uncommon → Rare
  • Rare → Epic
  • Epic → Legendary

Ok i would do this;
Zapper(u)->Zapper(r)= $35
If you did not catch on to the patern, it is double the to pricce of the rarity before it, and add $5 onto the doubled price.

This is how I would do it:

Zapper(UC) = $10
Zapper(R) = $30
Zapper(E) = $75
Zapper(L) = $140
No pattern

Wooden Wand(C) = $20
Wooden Wand(UC) = $50
Wooden Wand(R) = $90
Wooden Wand(E) = $140
Wooden Wand(L) = $200
Pattern is 30 + 10x. Or in other words 30 first then continiusly add 10 to that times the rarity. So if there were a sixth rarity it would cost $270.

P.M.L(C) = $35
P.M.L(UC) = $75
P.M.L(R) = $140
P.M.L(E) = $220
P.M.L(L) = $300
No pattern

Evil Eye(C) = $50
Evil Eye(UC) = $85
Evil Eye(R) = $160
Evil Eye(E) = $250
Evil Eye(L) = $400
No Pattern

pattern is simpler and easier to make and remember.

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hey @WolfTechnology i kind of require your help a bit

ok, what can i do for ya?

i know i seen one of the guides to do this but i kind of need help making a house.

ok the indside or out side?

i almost done with the outside it the inside that is the hard part (it hard because it very long and take time and i keep messing it up that i accidentally deleted the whole inside and teleporter.)

ok one sec and i will find the guide for you.


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@WolfTechnology i don’t know where to put the inside at plus it take a lot of memory too.

like in ther guide, you put a teleporter by the door and were it will teleport you to a room, just look at the guide.

increase them by 20 everytime

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This seems like an extremely fast paced game… I think the best weapon in Gimkit at the highest rarity (heavily under debate) should cost $175.

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