Update Wanted - New Forum Page

For those of us that don’t have a discord account or are on limited browsers, can you make a page on this so people can send gimkit game codes?

Please consider! - Gimkiter

This isn’t allowed, sorry. No off-topic posting.

You can’t really ask the mods for stuff here.
And it’s also about the forums. If you want to share game codes go on alternate discovery.

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Use the wix:https://gimkitcreative.wixsite.com/game-sharing/ to post codes

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The forums is not for suggestions. We already have alternate sites like the Wix to share Gimkit codes and to have a more broadline discussion.

If you can’t have discord, go on the alternate discovery.


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There actually was a short period of time when the forums were first created during which codes were allowed. Unfortunately, due to the incredible chaos that took place there, Team Gimkit chose to remove the code area.

A few people have tried asking before, but I’m pretty sure team gimkit isn’t interested in adding anything of the sort, in fact, a reason why there is a general gimkit discord instead of a general gimkit forum is because this way students can’t use it at school, when they should be learning.

So unfortunately, no, I highly doubt it will happen. Sorry.


What’s the answer to question two?
lol is this a troll?
answer to question 1 is 19 right?

just put in an answer
the questions are a bit funny but i’ll let you in

alright - i did coffin dance :stuck_out_tongue:

you are in!

Thanks - im gonna mark this as solved

anyone gonna log into the game?

there’s probably a good 5 people online right now
summer is slow everywhere
i’ll come play tho

ok, there are two games up.

new game up, maze runner

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