Update ideas for my games

The first one is a tag game, my second one is a TDM.

Tag: you can add more upgrades, create new themes

@GimkitLuvuh People can still see it if you click on the pencil icon in the post…

Guys. For his safety, just flag the post.

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Yes, Boss!
Cringe Meme, I don’t know why i said that…

ok, I will do rn. am I the bad guy?

Depends. What did you do?

I don’t care much. A lot of people do it. (And a lot of people share their name, I saw a lot of people leak their names. People share a lot.)

you don’t know the ppl out there…

We should probably get back on-topic…

I probably don’t agree, but to not get suspended, yes.

lore for both

mat pat time

revive the dead

mat pat retired, @gim_guy , which was sad for us all(I think)

Oh!! Definitely easter eggs.

Maybe, Just Maybe.
Lore for both? IDK
Mat Pat Time? Game theorist
Revive the Dead? Necromancer

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Once I leaked my school email. you could see my full name, and what district I go to.

I was ot off topic so please do not mention me.

woops, sorry @Kosm0-o

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