Update Discovery maps?

So, if I publish my map to Discovery, can I edit the map and have those changes synced to the map on Discovery? Can I change things like the description? Can I take down the map, update it, then put it back up without using 1,000 gimbucks? If I’m editing the map and someone joins on Discovery while I’m editing, do any things I added at that moment show up?

Trying to better understand this new feature. (make a TUG, anyone?)


Yes. Updates are completely free. You just need to publish the updates in the publish menu.

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To answer your question, yes you can edit after publishing, but while you are editing the map will remain the same as it was upon publish or your last edit. Until you save that edit it won’t show. After you save it, it will show up. And updates are free.

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I can probably check, I have a map published.



I would assume no.

I would assume that I would update after the game ends.


Be careful, as taking down a map removes plays.

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@Apoll02 I didn’t I was just asking :slight_smile:

I know, I just wanted to let people know.

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