Unreachable Legendaries: Troll Your Friends! (credit to @Blizzy and @Haiasi)

This was an idea by my good friend @smil.eface5, while we were making a Hunger Games map. This is a great way to keep opponents occupied while YOU run around making progress and finding stuff and getting closer to your objective.

So basically, it’s a patch of wall terrain with legendary weapons in it, with a teleporter next to the weapons.

Step 1: Put down all your wall terrain. I recommend a 7x7 square.

Step 2: Put down item spawners with legendary weapons of your choice in the middle of the wall terrain.

Step 3: Put a teleporter with no target group or group inside the square.
People will stumble upon the square, then try to walk in. Then, when they see the teleporter, they’ll go out of their way to find the other teleportal that leads to it.

EXTRA TROLL STEP: Put some random teleporters that lead to identical patches of flooring as the wall one, but with spawners spawning potatoes and other random things.

Happy trolling hehehehehhehh

pics soon


This guide is very short and this has been created before.
btw who created the troll tag

i have no idea

When was this troll created? Please reply with a link so I can see.

I did, before @Haiasi made the trap tag. It is much better. P.S. Yeah there are already guides baout this


I didn’t know sorry. What should I do with this post then?

Delete it and put the content into The Ultimate Guide to Traps, Tricks, Pranks, and Trolls [LENGTH WARNING :smiling_imp: ]

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Either credit both @Blizzy and @Haiasi , delete it, or just let it be, but I would do one of the first two.

I can’t delete it anymore beccause there are replies on it, so I’ll credit both of them. Thanks for the assistance guys!

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Your welcome, let me know if you have any more questions.

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Bendy, that has nothing to do with this topic, please delete it.

sorry. but the concept of this idea is genius.

It is already in that guide. Someone else added something like it, I think