Unneeded guide-Do not reply

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this isn’t really a guide…besides, all this is is mentioning another guide…

Hmm, I see what you are saying, but I looked at the other guide, and for me, my game met all the requirements, nothing bad or like that, but it still didn’t show up. The initial’s was a fix for that, so I decided to make a forum for it. But if you don’t think it belongs as a Community Made Guides, what do you suggest I should call it?

1.This is too short
2.You just linked another guide instead of teaching the readers yourself.
3.If people didn’t search up “Reasons Why Your Game Won’t Show Up in Discovery” what makes you think they’ll search up this guide?

No offense but this guide isn’t needed

I suggest marking a solution so we can move on.

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okay then. I’ll do that.

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