Unique knockout screen problem

in my game you have 3 lives, and this works. bUut when you run out, you teleport to a you d!ed screen and you can pay to live. all the mechanics to this point work. then it goes to buggs.
i have worked the last few hours on this, it hasn’t worked, so i am using this site ace showed me

what do you have to pay to live, and what site?

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cash berries,5
(you get it from a secret room)

First can you put this in the “bugs” category.
What is the bug you are dealing with?
@Kormorant he means you pay in game items, not real money

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yeah ik but what’s the issue here. what are the bugs?

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when you pay, you still d!e.

then uh teleport them back into the game when they buy the revive

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its on a trigger so that they d!e eventually if they dont pay up

(30 second trigger)

So deactivate the trigger and set it to deactivate scope as player.

i tried.

Use a wire to connect the vending machine to the trigger. when item purchased → deactivate trigger

wait what

here, one sec im getting smth

use this: https://padlet.com/harharharhar83/alternate-gkc-discovery-ubfkg2wx7j39i9jg to post a l1ve code so i can help u

There should be an option in the all settings on the trigger so that when deactivated its only deactivated for that player. Set that option to player, then have the wire, as @Kormorant said
Edit: It is in availability, it should look like this

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sorry i left i had to feed baby goats
another sorry: its wire repeaters not triggers

yeah you need to use triggers or counters/repeaters as you can’t stop wire repeaters

i didnt know the specific word for “who does this apply to” but i know what it is now.

thank you.

or check this out