Unintended use of checkpoints

if you don’t know one of the new items added to gkc is the checkpoint device and a little feature in it is the ability to send on a channel when it gets activated (aka makes itself to be the current checkpoint) it can send on a channel (wow) so that means you can make a ONE TIME ZONE or in other words use a zone once without a complicated setup you can also make it activate once so its even more one time use (you can also play audio which is nice) an example to how you can use this is… a dead body sensor for you amongus dudes out there you can do it by making the checkpoint sense what part of the room you’re in (or hallway) and when you die it teleports you to dead area or whatever but still lets you place a prop for the dead body (I wont go into the detail bc I’m working on my own project)

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Should this go to Devices? This isn’t really showing how to use the unintended uses

yeah, this should go in Devices

But W guide!

Nice idea! Actually pretty cool!

I have a feeling we could use checkpoints for pseudo-zones since you could resize them.

Additionally you can also make a more efficient coordinate-system using these as when a checkpoint is activated, it has the option to send a channel through something else, if you pair this with a counter, you could potentially record x and y values with a set of checkpoints (no need to overlap zones)

Also since these checkpoints make sound I believe it would be possible to make a sound-card that activates these checkpoints in different orders in varying speeds for pitches and frequency.

Edit: Gimkit seems to render and process information (including sound and repeating processes) within camera view, so no soundcards for now :frowning:


i don’t think that actually how that works, pic can be used to explain it a bit easier but if the person doesn’t provided pics or is not able to they must atleast be able to explain it by words and that shouldn’t mean they should get flagged without providing pics. now let go back on topic

Why was checkpoints added, you can’t even use them.

You can…?

No they do nothing, i tried.

i thought i was the only one that noticed i think it only useable when DLD is in creative gimkit. to be honest.

The Checkpoint device sets your respawn point where you triggered them when you die.
(I think it ignores the spawn pad and still spawns you where you triggered it)

Same, but thats not out yet, so why add it?

it might be a bug too or an error.

I know, but you can already do that with respawners and zones.

What will the respawn do?
It’ll just respawn the player once a player enters the zone.
Even if we already have working checkpoint systems, a checkpoint device conserves more memory, same with crafting.

so basically uselss checkpoint until DLD is on gimkit creative?

I mean not useless, it helps us conserve memory, it’ll be very useful in dld tho


There are guides on how to make players respawn here so that is same as this device.

Yeah, but what would the respawn do though?
It won’t change your spawn point upon death, only a checkpoint can.

hold on let me try out the checkpoint just for confirmment rq