Unactive Zone Question

Say we have a deactivated zone that activates. If there are players in the zone, would that count as them entering the zone? I need this for my minimap guide.

We will find out… gimme a sec…

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Yes. I used this before.

Nope… sorry. Doesn’t work for me.

With sentries, it does

Ok. Guess I have to find another workaround.

Huh. Weird.
Idk bc it worked for me

Wait… if you don’t use blocks for me it works.

What do you mean by that?

So I used blocks to make it say create text with triggering players name, right? It didn’t work. Then I set it to just gibberish and deleted the block and it works.

It just shows the gibberish, which is odd.

I tested it with a no shooting zone and it worked.

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Ok. So it could activate a trigger with blocks?

I need something that when the zone activates, it puts all the players’ names that are in the zone into a text device.

The opposite I can’t get the blocks to work, no matter what it says.

Ok. I’ll test that out later.

And when I add in blocks to make it send a notification, it doesn’t work!

Anyways, that’s just my two cents.

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You said that in a legendary post that started a legendary group

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