Unable to delete devices while player is on top of them

so um, yeah. when i try to delete a spawn pad with a person on top, it doesn’t work.

Pic with gim on top:

(also i know you can’t see my cursor, but i can’t fix that… you just have to believe me i guess)
pic without gim on top:

fine. it’s not a bug. but it’s still annoying.

because they’re on top of it…

You can’t select anything if you’re on top. Idk why.

that’s because your gim is covering the spawn pad so your mouse isn’t touching the spawn pad itself. not really a bug

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but if my mouse is on the spot they aren’t on top of, it still wont let me click

i guess… i feel really dumb now…

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I wouldn’t say that this is a bug. It’s probably just how the eraser is.

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the reason is that when u press on the Gim it will usually show its name and allow u to remove them but since u press (Q) to delete props wires ECT. it glitches out and that’s why it wont let

The title says the fix. The player is covering them, so the mouse can’t delete it unless the player gets off of the spawn pad.

Another fix is to drag your mouse into the spawn pad and press backspace.

im aware i could do that. i just thought the fact that you couldn’t delete something while someone was on top was a bug.

it also already has a solution, so why didn’t you listen to the message and not reply?

sorry, that came out harsh. im really annoyed because ive been working on this game for like 3+ hours and nothing. is. working.

I just wanted to make that post for the second solution. I didn’t want you to wait for a player to move just so you could delete 1 device.

sorry, that came out harsh. im just really annoyed because ive been working on this game for like 3+ hours and nothing. is. working.

It’s alright, i’m fine.

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there protecting it but you can get around it by clicking and draging to multi select and then moving it to delete it

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… see thats not possible i just wanted to mention that there protecting the device

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