Umm what’s going on in fishtopia?!

I think it may just be a bug…could you elaborate more on what’s happening?

Did you manage to escape the map, or did you load in and there wasn’t a map there? If you leave and rejoin the game is the problem fixed?

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I just went out of bounds for no reason

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It was fixed… but now he’s stuck in lucky lake

And can still clip out

Reload the game, also, this isn’t GKC, fyi.

Bruh, who cares. It’s a bug, and the more bugs reported the better.


To clarify, you’re just able to walk through the walls?

He did reload, but it still happens. ( I know)

Yes @Blackhole927 that’s right

Btw this is happening in Gimkit homework

Alright- well I don’t know a way to fix this, so I guess just try and ignore the fact that you can escape the map for now, and just do your homework.

Shoud i report it? To gimkit?

You just did haha, you made a bug post, so that should be all handled :slight_smile:

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Okay! Thanks! @Blackhole927

Can you unmark the solution please? There hasn’t been anything solved here, and if gimkit sees this post has a solution they might think the bug has been resolved.

Ok then @Blackhole927