Umm Is this a bug?

I was just making my chatting system in a blank creative world but when I hit (z) to wire stuff my game crashed which makes 0 sense because my memory is at 2% does anyone know what happened?

The image did not upload.

Sorry, did it work know?

Yes. Can you recreate the error, or was it just a random event?

I’m not sure like i said I clicked (z) and boom black screen and then the error image poped up.

It did work for me and I don’t know. But @RickStachely you have managed to get the script from both One Way Out and Snow Brawl by crashing the game and you did not even make it. So I honestly don’t know what to say.

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Did you attempt to attach the wire to anything, or was it trigged upon the press of Z?

Wait what? Where is the script for one way out and snowbrawl? I wanna read through it.

Yeah, I was on both of the games that he crashed and it was before Creative came out. He should have screen shots of the scrips I think.


Thats true and this is the game script for my own game but normally how I get the script for this is by nocliping thru the walls and then I do it until the game crashes and it can’t protect the game script anymore but this crached on its own…

It crashed upon me hitting the (z) key. an they have reblocked the scripts because when I click on them it now says “hmm we can’t find that page in our files” so I will have to get the scripts again but it is seriosly anoyying because they uped security…

OMG I still have one of the scripts!


click that link but then delete the - from it but that was the only way I could send it!

So do you think it was just an error thought?

I will have to delete this post soon so the script doesn’t get out but make sure you have it first…

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