Um... Where did my tag zone go?

I’ve been making a tag game, and I’ve noticed that when I place down some props the tag zone just… disappeared. Anyone know how this happened? And how to fix it?

tag zone is always underneath props.
check the layers around where it should be to see if it’s still there.
or try to see if the tag zone is workin

I know that it’s under props, but you know the image it shows? It was in a place with no props, but it still disappeared (I couldn’t see the image), and when I checked the layers it wasn’t there.

try selecting around the area, if it is blue then you see it. Mark the spot with text or props, then refresh. you should see the tag zone device next to the place you marked. If not, then try selecting. If it isn’t there then it gone and you need a make a new one.

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refresh this happened to me refreshing should fix it :smile:

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