Um this is getting annoying when I try to build

Can you turn of the April fools trick when building? It’s getting anoying

I suggest putting it on Nolt

What’s that? I’ve never heard about it.

oh Nolt? Here’s the link its where you post suggestions like this one

It should go away tomorrow. I didn’t see it yet but I don’t think you can.

Well idk if you would put it in there because I believe its only here for one day :sweat_smile:

I would do the same, it’s getting super annoying, yet I keep laughing.
I’m working on a major project and can’t waste a single day…
Me: :imp:
Gimkit: :rofl:
Then, me: :laughing:

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Just use turn off gravity

nope. April fools thing does not turn off till tomorrow

yeah so basically we all just have to wait a day(yes patience) for it to end.

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