Um help please how do i report this if i can't use their email

yestarday I found an inapropiate map how do I report htem because i can’t acess right now it was taken down after soemoen else rpeorted it just for future reference it was pretty gorss and cringing and something to do with terroisti attack threats toward team gimkit just future reference how do I rpeort them if i can’t get to

you can’t really
you can ask someone who can email to do it for you though

what was the map called

they said it got taken down

it has been tkane down os no point in rpeorting it i got a classmate too since i can’t it wass called lets kill tleam gimkit

@Georgeholmes1 it’s actually ‘’.

it’s or I forgot whic

yeah i missed typed i ment

Jeez that is really messed up



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Anyways could you give the map name and one of us could report it?

I would report it myself, but I’m still waiting for Josh to reply to me about something else. Sorry.

They shouldn’t be banned they should be personally sent to the deep trenches of heck and locked up there for the rest of eternity.

Are you sure this is inappropriate? Because the last time someone wanted to report a map, it was a rage bait…did you see the entire thing? Or a part of it.

They said it’s already reported and the name is Let’s kill team gimkit

like i said it’s already gone and someone else at my school reported it so no worries also why should they be banned

Well by the name it’s already pretty offensive wanting to kill someone don’t you think?

They literally sent a death threat to the gimkit team bro

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