Uhhhhh, so I connected a modal and questioner with a CTA button in the modal

Yeah it’s a known bug. Wire it to a wire repeater with a delay and then to the questioner. That should fix it. Keep the topic open though.

i thought wiring popups to questioners softlocked the game? or that’s just another popup softlock

The game closes the popup after opening the questioner, which crashes the game. That’s what I think happens. It’s probably not right though.

welcome to the comunity tho @WindowsXP

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Thank you, everyone.

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The big isn’t fixed yet, so a solution shouldn’t be marked.

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It only bypasses the bug, not fix the bug itself.

At least 0.5 seconds

@WindowsXP please mark a solution to this topic because your question has been solved, thanks.

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The bug itself hasn’t been fixed. We’ve only figured out a way to bypass this bug.

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That bug has happened before creative came out, its very preventable, but also un-expected.

Wellcome to the forums @WindowsXP !

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Not gonna lie, I’m actually using it as a game mechanic.

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This bug is now fixed!


Thank you!

Nice, saw this was the second bug in 48 hours. Nice to see your fixing them!

this was on Feb 9 please check dates

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