Uhhh.... Is this even possible?

Can I make it to where I can rename an item, and change the tint of it?

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Erm you can rename it in layers, but that’s only visible to you. To change the tint, go to appearance but that’s only for props and barriers.

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You can tint it but not rename it. (Or at least I don’t think)

You can change an items tint by going into its settings. By the way, what do you mean by rename?

Oh I guess you can. (Neat)

I wanna make it to where it seems like you can cook the fish ( Or something like that )

You can’t, but you can use the Text device or a Pseudo-Inventory.

Maybe even animation (fish stack) and a textbox with fire.
Barriers could help with the fire lighting.
Use the plant pot for the pot (if you want one, you can just cook it over a campfire)

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Place down normal fish
Place down button(not visible in game and whatever message)
Place another tinted fish on top of 1st fish(not active on game start)
Wire this: Button pressed —> Hide untinted fish
Wire this: Button pressed → Show tinted fish

Can they have the tinted fish? Or no? it’s okay if not.

Like eat it? I guess, let me try something

You can do this:
Do the same stuff as last time
Place down an health granter
Place down a trigger with a delay of whatever
Button pressed > Trigger
Triggered > Grant health
Triggered > Make tinted fishy dissapear

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