Uhh my gim is weird

Ok so uhmm my gim just went dark (also the thingy on the top is no longer relevant because no one is on there thus it wilnt work and I willnt say the proper turn) but I refreshed the page and even played normal maps and I just looked like this

Is no collision turned on?

Thats what your gim looks like when no collision is turned off, nothing to worry abt

edit: whoops didn’t see @T_Sonic54’s post.

the same this happend on normal maps such as fishtopia and no

I cant move but that is how the problem started and it happens has soon has I load a creative world and you cant j01n (sorry just wouldn’t let me type) a non started gc map with no col

I’d suggest closing and reopening the tab

maybe try and refresh

he alr did

Reset your computer and maybe that will work.

Also that is how your gim looks with collosion off.

ahem you see and I also restarted my chrombook and did it on other devices (IRl devices) and it did this so its a problem that’s happening on my entire account (this could be some local thing because my friends are having the same problem)

Are you playing on two tabs?
If so, there’s a glitch where if your host tab (or any other tab, idk) has collision off, the visual effect persists in-game.
I don’t recall if that makes theme immune to projectiles though, I don’t think so.

nerp im using multiple computers though

If I was able to do so I would test it, but i’m not getting this glitch

Try and log out of your gimkit account. Then log back in.

Here’s the post:

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Are they in the same game?

Could this be a “variant” of that glitch?

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… never mind one of my friends is doing it the way I know is that now the gims are rickrolling me (he turned off screen recording or I would show u this beauty) it already happened but he turned it off that explains it (this is not off topic because it explains what happened right?)

That glitch is harmless. If this is the same thing it will go back soon enough.

Yeah I guess so