Uh, Guys, We already have a crafting system

In this sort-of tutorial, I’m going to prove to you that we don’t need a crafting system. Just get good mate.

So basically, you have a button, and you wire it to a checker. The checker checks if the player has enough items for each part of the recipe. If we want to make energy, we’ll need 1 coffee bean and 3 waters. So, the checker will check for >0 coffee beans and >2 waters.

If the player has the stuff, we can remove the items from their inventory with some item granters. Just set the value to negative numbers. And then we can grant the player energy.

Guys, this is very :green_square:. It’s not like it’s :orange_square: to do.

Also if this is totally not what the crafting system is then I’m sorry but this does count as a tutorial so you can’t take it down >:).

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We do. But other people want the cool UI and stuff.

We just want an easy way to make cool stuff.

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Btw be more careful with using the off topic tag(or don’t use it at all on your posts) since the mods seem to be getting more strict

Yeah. Its not that hard, but using the popups is just straight up tedious. Especially if you want to add lots of balancing!

Exactly! Use popups and whatnot and boom!
Farming is harder but also achievable.

I mean, if it’s easy, then it really isn’t cool. It’s just normal.


Have you tried optimizing farmer’s quest using PCP’s and PIP’s?

SHould I make a farming guide (estimated time: 3 weeks)

  • yes
  • no
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Why it gonna take 3 weeks

Definitely the UI for it. Maybe not the mechanics.

I don’t need any, because the game is finished.

Gotta make that UI decent. Also because I have 0 work ethic.

How would you make the UI?


Using lots of popups and the call to actions.

Popups show the farming options and whatnot, notifications count down the time left (While standing over the plot)

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yeah and imagine one device doing this, so you dont need to make it your self, easier.

Easier, but not as fun. It takes away the happiness of being finished with a map.

I feel like instead of making a new device they should allow us to customize how many call-to-actions we want.