Tycoon claiming system

I need help with a tycoon claiming system, I had an idea of using properties in an item granter but it doesn’t work. I am in need of help guys.

all 3 of those tags i think are reserved for guides bud you dont need em
as for your help request we need screen shots of the gkc device settings and the system itself
(edit: thanks whoever removed em)

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Actually all except tycoon that were on the post are unused
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Claiming? Like maybe if you bought something, it would put you on your own team, like if you buy a house, then you’re on team one, and if someone else buys a house, they’re on team two, and then barriers and activate and deactivate scope can just be on a single team.

I have that solved, I was talking about the cash-claiming system.

Oh, something like a bank?
Or maybe a storage system?
Would this work?
How to Create a Bank with a Deposit/Withdrawal System | Difficulty: :yellow_square:

Could work, but I am using zones. and also it is not a problem with the system, it’s a problem in the blocks

this is what my system looks like
these are the blocks in the item granter

Are there any bugs or small fixes I can do to this?

Never mind I solved it.

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