Two requsts - thumbnail and question

in need of a thumbnail pls

its a platformer game called ‘Ultimate DLD’


  • bonesy, polaris, solaria, and gim of your choice

thats it. i wanna see some creativity!

credit will be given

how to change terrain? like, how to make appearing and disappearing terrain? i know it’s not really possible, but what’s the closest you can get?

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the closest you can get for the terrain is prob barriers that look like terrain and don’t have collision

not every single person here is an alt


Is the game parkor or what is it about

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btw what i need right now is the second question asnwered, i cant make the game until the second question is answered, so until then a thumbnail will be useless


The 2nd question. Pretty sure there’s like a barrier moving thing where they switch places with another barrier every like 3 seconds. I’ve seen this in a map that I was helping with but IDK how to do it myself sry.
@AllFather_ofDeath did something like that in their maps you can ask them how to do that.
But the thumbnail:

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what does the orange line mean? (sorry for off topic, just confused)

what orange line?

staff color
it means staff put it that way

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@Caternaught @Kosm0-o it’s a kind binding for scrolling without a mouse. Try pressing J and K outside a reply/post.

@Anythinger when you come back, you’ll see this, and you’ll see that you’ve been remembered