[📜TUG] The ultimate guide to building new areas!

The ultimate guide to building new areas!


Everyone needs a Pre-game lobby to spice up their game!
here, I will give you a basic layout of how I like to build my lobbies!


To create a lobby, you need an outline which is an area, (mostly a square/ rectangle) where everything will fit! (if you want the future you to be happy, make the number of tiles odd example:25x25, 31x31 etc.)
Here is what I did: 27x25 tiles (remember, use walls)

Inside walls!

Inside walls! every prep game lobby needs them! They section things off, they show changes into different areas! heres how I do them:
I like circles, as they show the spawn section and the player is allowed to go in the direction that they want, providing more freedom of choice and makes the lobby feel less crammed.
This is what I did!

floor+first section

The floor is a very important peice of the build, it sets the vibe of the game! so does the decor!, in this section, ill be making the floor and the top right section.
Floor material: cracked oak
Heres what I did:

hmmm… still feels kinda empty… how about a carpet to fill the empty space!
Carpet is made of: dark scarp floor, and coral
(pro tip, use the grid snap ability and set it to 32 for more even gaps for a nice finish)
the result:

much nicer!

next room+ spawn area

What is a lobby without a spawn area? well… not a lobby
I like showing every indivial spawn area so space corridors are the way to go for me!
(again, use grid snap for more even spacings and a nicer finish!)
(tip: if you want a pre game lobby, set the platforms to pregame, same with only in game and if both, set it to all)
Next, the second room, I will be doing the top left
this will be a library
here is the result

by using codexs, you can make a simple but effective carpet!

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Nice guide @Chocolate1534 please get rid of the codes though! Also get rid of the “I will choose a random person comment and add to guide every day” and put that in the guide!

Also, wouldn’t that* take up a lot of memory.
*the carpet

you have… one day to work on this. looking good so far though

what do you mean by codes?

Dang this is a long title… but yeah this is a nice,short guide.

@Chocolate1534, I mean this