Tug of war team maker

I have multiple mini games in my gimkit mode that don’t require teams but one of the mini games is tug of war which I want 2 teams for, is there a way i can make teams mid game?

yes. use a team switcher.

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have them enter two different areas then, use zone for when in one area, they switch to team 1 and vice versa.

Can I make the players split evenly into 2 random teams?


please test these urself before posting an entire topic on it.

You can use blockcode and a counter-linked property that divides the amount of players in the zone by 2 (broadcasts message on channel to ts)


Im asking how to do this because I don’t know how!? how could i test it myself before if i have nothing to test but thanks for the advice

maybe by testing out devices?

btw, I’m atheist

I had no idea it existed lol

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Exactly why you should explore the devices on your own. You’ll learn more that way.

I have built a lot on my own but some things stump me

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Ok I will try to make that work with it too thanks

that’s fair…

Im glad you don’t seem to hate me because I believe in god unlike others i have seen

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So I would teleport players to a zone then use blockcode and a property to divide the amount of players by 2 then send a signal on a channel for those teams to the team switchers. But what would I make the block code on, a trigger?

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okay thank you I will work on it tomorrow probably and ask any questions if i have any

Hi again, so all players get teleported into a zone at the same time so I made it when players enter the zone it adds to a counter which updates the property “players in zone” then it sends a signal to a trigger that has block code which is get property “players in zone” divided by 2 but then I don’t know how to make that number split into 2 different teams.

@Haiasi do you think you might know what I can do