Trying to make an Npc you can talk to

Sorry for the giant ammount of posts but i would like to be able to make an npc the player can talk to and do quests for just like in Island Escape

Button → Popup (Opens it up)
First CTA(POPUP) pressed → Action
2nd CTA(POPUP) pressed → Action


an npc that looks like a gim that the player can interact with

Yeah, there’s an invisible button around the gim. Use a sentry as the gim

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How would i make it so that the sentry doesn’t try to hurt the player as they are doing a quest for them

Put a barrier around the sentry’s eyes or body. That’ll stop it

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by the way sorry to be off topic but what does cta mean?

Call to Action. It’s not off-topic. :slight_smile:

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Where would i find the CTA? Also sorry if i am relevantly chatting i am very new to GKC

In the settings of the popup

It’s in the settings of the Popup device

When the First CTA is clicked, I would like them to exit out of the popup the same as the second

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When it is clicked, just put no channel

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